You will soon get a full view
of our new BIO range.

In fact, more and more people are becoming Bio espresso lovers, which is why we have created a new blend. It is made from BIO-certified grands crus, very rare. These coffee plants come from natural, non-forced agriculture. Farming which looks after Man's pace and the natural pace of coffee plant culture. We have selected the African revelation and South American roundness and complexity.

What is BIO coffee?

BIO coffee is organic coffee grown without using synthetic chemicals (on land which has been free of any trace for 5 years). What is special about BIO coffee is that it is monitored from the moment it is planted to the moment it reaches the consumer's cup. From the moment it is harvested to the moment it is processed to the moment it is marketed, organic coffee cannot under any circumstances come into contact with other non-organic coffee, in order to retain its purity to the full. This requires the special attention of everyone in the coffee world: producers, traders and roasters alike!

Masalto Bio
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