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Pack Masalto

Our unique blend
We never compromise on our blend. Everything must be perfect:

  • Upland Arabica coffees only
  • The world's best shade-grown coffees, selected from six countries
  • Grown at 1200m or above
  • Cultivated and processed in natural ways
  • Hand-picked to be certain every cherry is perfectly ripe
  • Ideal bean size, Sortex-graded, for the Espresso Roast
  • Rainforest Alliance certification
  • The right balance of acidity and bitterness.

With a Másalto coffee you know for sure you’re tasting the very best. We’ve been most particular as we select the blend, and at every stage in its preparation: now it’s your turn to be particular about the way your Másalto is served.

Our Másalto coffee is available in two versions:

  • Espresso 250 gr and 1 kg (whole bean)
  • Espresso decaffeinated 250 gr (whole of ground bean)


To taste an espresso is an intense pleasure. A fine, deep and subtle colour, some body, a concentration of aromas to rouse the senses… and leave us wanting another.

Did you know?

The right technique: breathe in as you drink!
When you taste an espresso you need to breathe in oxygen – the aromatic molecules will be wafted into the nose, giving an even finer appreciation of this heavenly moment.

café masalto

Be demanding!

As a consumer we all know how to react when the product we ordered isn’t what we expected. Also at the restaurant we know exactly how we want our meat or our fish to be done, how our beer needs to be served… if it doesn’t fit our expectations we return them to the kitchen, without hesitation. On the other hand, if a customer receives a bad espresso he doesn’t make the link with the way this espresso was made. The bad espresso will be linked to a bad coffee brand. We also should return our espresso to the bartender to get it back with the perfect serve.

The barista is our natural partner

You could liken the barista to a chef: both need to be past-masters of preparation, set-up and equipment. Everything has to be prepared just so, kept properly under control, for the service to be as flawless as possible. The raw materials may be top quality, but if they’re mishandled the result will be disappointing! Our espresso will do the consumer no good unless there’s the knowledge and skill to make it properly.

Freshness is vital

Coffee is thought of as dry goods, but that doesn’t mean it’s not prone to prone to oxidation. Outside its packaging a coffee bean will be oxidized after just a few days – so it’s not hard to imagine what happens to coffee just hours after it’s been ground… The freshness of the coffee, then, is the key to a good espresso.


Other things are very important, too. A poorly maintained machine will make the coffee taste bitter, or oxidized. A wrongly-set grinder or an uneven grind will give a poor result; so will a defective pump, an unreliable temperature, water that’s been softened too much or not enough.

Serving a good espresso is an art

Catering is not an easy profession: serving good fare in double-quick time calls not just for organization and swiftness but also for real determination and a professional mentality. Who hasn’t – one time or another, when things got tight – made a mess of preparing something? And what is it that’s always the last thing to be served in a restaurant? The coffee, of course! That will be the take-home memory – we owe it to ourselves to make sure it’s the best. The one that brings the customer back again...

There’s value in training

We know that every last detail counts in establishing our brand recognition, so we’ve decided to invest the considerable amount of time and effort it takes to train and inspire good baristas. Our staff are ready with news, tips, information and in-service training for everyone who has to work with the coffee machine.

Answers to all your questions

If you need to know anything about the use of your machine, training baristas, teaching “latte art”, or recommendations for machines that would best suit your set-up and your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact one of our specialist advisers.

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